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Manik Mas earhangers


This trade relationship is currently not active.


Profile of CONTIGO´s partner Manik Mas

Gianuar to Göttingen (Source: Google Earth)


Silver jewellery


Gianyar, Indonesia – distance to Europe: 11,800km

Founded in 2007

  • 2007: official founding of Manik Mas
  • Workshop has already existed for a few years


  • Manik Mas starts as family business with a small amount of customers
  • 2007: first meeting with CONTIGO and first order
  • Continuous orders from the Netherlands and Germany lead to the expansion of the company

Cooperation with CONTIGO since 2007

Structure of the business

Number of employees:

  • 7 employees (2 women and 5 men)
  • 2 employees are trainees

Organisation of workforce:

  • Employees can work at home as well
  • Every 3 months cooperative culture, problems, and other relevant subjects are discussed with all employees
  • All employees are present when trade partners visit Manik Mas


  • Home market (17%)
  • Exports (83%) to Netherlands, Germany, Australia


  • To make production processes more environmentally friendly
  • To purchase a ventilator and a new polishing machine
  • To increase the amount of customers

Special features

Why does CONTIGO work with Manik Mas: Interesting addition to our jewellery collection


Fairtrade classification

FTP = Fairtrade in Progress, a visit in Indonesia has not taken place as yet.


Fairtrade aspects

Manik Mas complies with the following Fairtrade Principles:

No child labour

No discrimination

No discrimination due to gender, disability, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political orientation, or infection with HIV

Fair wages

  • Average wage in the sector/region: IDR 890/month (IDR=Indonesian Rupiah)
  • Wage at Manik Mas: IDR 1,100-1,500/month in addition to food bonus
  • Payment on a by-piece basis
  • 2 annual bonuses (each IDR 50,00 )

Humane working conditions

Working hours:

  • 8am-5pm
  • 1 break (1 hour)

Social benefits:

  • Payment of medication and operation costs
  • Paid holidays
  • Lunch and snacks are provided

Educational opportunities:

  • Trainings 3-5 times per year (topics: design, dyeing, and technical equipment)
  • Regular instructions on working safety
  • Regular employment of trainees

Occupational safety:

  • Glasses are provided


  • Payroll is available
  • SAR (Self Assessment Report) was duly submitted to CONTIGO


Country information

See Encyclopaedia Britannica: Indonesia

Author: Janina Lange on 30. September 2018

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