The CONTIGO Fairtrade Database

Welcome to the CONTIGO Fairtrade Database. It is the centrepiece of the CONTIGO Fairtrade System (CFTS). It contains the full documentation of all trading relations, CONTIGO’s and their partners compliance with the 10 Principles for Fair Trade and their practical implementation.

The access is open to the public. By means of the English version the overseas trading partner regularly check,  amend and, if neccessary correct their pages and the information contained.

The CONTIGO Fairtrade Management regularlxy updates all pages based on visits on-site, reports, interviews and minutes. In case of  further questions or missing information please contact the Fairtrade Management:

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CONTIGO’s central objective:

Improvement of the income and working conditions of marginalised workers and producers throughout the developing world.

CONTIGO’s co-operation with overseas producers are based on the 10 Principles for Fair Trade. With this model, we hope to set an example for interactions between peoples and cultures that respect one another. This model shall demonstrate how producers, traders and consumer can mutually benefit on the long term by forming and maintaining sustainable partnerships.

10 Principles for Fair Trade

CONTIGO guarantees:

  1. Creation of Opportunities for small and medium sized producers from overseas
  2. Fair Trade Practices
    • Fair Prices for quality and Fair Trade achievements
    • Fair payment for all additional services
    • Advance payment of 50% of order volume, interest free
  3. Sustainable partnerships
    • long term trading relations
    • consulting and provisions to all partners on consumer markets, trends, import and export conditions, product safety and regulations, free of charge
    • Product- and design development free of charge
  4. Transparency and Accountability
    • Transparency in all management and commercial interactions
    • Traceability of all products
    • Provision of all relevant information to customers and the general public
  5. Promotion of Fair Trade
    • Expansion of and within the European market
    • Representation of partners and their products at trade shows and events
    • Promotion of Fair Trade through events, press work, presentations, panel sessions etc.

Our trading partners guarantee:

  1. Payment of fair salaries and other benefits for employees/members/associates
    • Application of all national labour laws and regulation as a minimum
    • Regular, complete and punctual payment of the salaries
  2. No child, no bonded labour
    • Adherence to International Labour Organization standards (ILO Convention)
    • Adherence to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
    • Freedom of Association
  3. No Discrimination
    • Due to race, caste, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership, political afiliation, HIV/AIDS status, age
  4. Good Working Conditions
    • Safe, clean, sufficiently illuminated and healthy work environment
    • Fire prevention
    • Access to cleandrinking water
  5. Transparency and Accountability
    • Transparency in management and commercial actions
    • provision of all relevant information to Contigo

Certification and Accreditation

Categories of Partners

The CONTIGO Fairtrade Database is divided into the following sections with detailed information on each of our partners:

  1. Non-Food Partners
  2. Food Partners
Author: André Runzer on 12. May 2016