10 Principles for Fair Trade

CONTIGO guarantees:

  • Creation of opportunities for small and medium sized producers from overseas
  • Fair Trade Practices
    • Fair prices for quality and Fair Trade achievements
    • Fair payment for all additional services
    • Advance payment of 50% of order volume, interest free
  • Sustainable partnerships
    • Long term trading relations
    • Consulting and provisions to all partners on consumer markets, trends, import and export conditions,
      product safety and regulations, free of charge
    • Product- and design development free of charge
  • Transparency and accountability
    • Transparency in all management and commercial interactions
    • Traceability of all products
    • Provision of all relevant information to customers and the general public
  • Promotion of Fair Trade
    • Expansion of and within the European market
    • Representation of partners and their products at trade shows and events
    • Promotion of Fair Trade through events, press work, presentations, panel sessions etc.

Our trading partners guarantee:

  • Payment of fair salaries and other benefits for employees/members/associates
    • Application of all national labour laws and regulation as a minimum
    • Regular, complete and punctual payment of the salaries
  • No child, no bonded labour
    • Adherence to International Labour Organization standards (ILO Convention)
    • Adherence to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
    • Freedom of association
  • No discrimination
    • Due to national origin, caste, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership,
      political affiliation, HIV/AIDS status, age
  • Good working conditions
    • Safe, clean, sufficiently illuminated and healthy work environment
    • Fire prevention
    • Access to cleandrinking water
  • Transparency and accountability
    • Transparency in management and commercial actions
    • Provision of all relevant information to CONTIGO
Author: Janina Lange on 8. February 2022

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