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Profile of CONTIGO´s partner Lila Craft

Delhi to Göttingen (Source: Google Earth)


Scarves made of silk, wool, and cotton


New-Delhi, India – distance to Europe: 6,000km

Founded in 2000


  • 2000: Lila Craft is founded by Lina (Petra Lienau), a German textile designer with business experiences for many years in India. Her main goal: to establish an own clothing collection by using natural materials only
  • From 2000 on: Exports to Germany and France
  • 2004: CONTIGO meets Lila Craft for the first time, constant cooperation
  • 2005: Lila Craft runs an own workshop for stitching and sewing with 8 employees, workshop is specialised in machine stitching and patch work
  • 2009: Workshop moves to Shahpur Jat, New-Delhi, centrally located with better infrastructure, close collaboration with textile producers in Noida and weaving companies in Amritsar, Himachal, Punjab, Badarpur
  • 2014: Re-organisation of work:
    • sampling, quality control, shipping at central office
    • sewing takes place at different external workshops in the outskirts
  • 2016: Reduction of the workshop, more business cooperations with different textile companies for scarf ranges and clothing
  • 2017: New Fairtrade customers from U.K. can be acquired, production focus on clothing and woollen blankets

Cooperation with CONTIGO since 2004

Structure of the business


Office in Shahpur Jat:

Apartment with 2 offices for the following departments:
Administration, product sampling, tailoring of prototypes, few sewing tasks, labelling, packaging and shipping, office of CEO (Serge Peverelli)

Number of employees:

  • 2 full-time employees
    • Petra Lienau –design, product development, in contact with different production sites
    • Sultan Ansari – CEO assistant
    • Both receive fixed salary
  • On demand, depending on order situation:
    • Neeli – long-time employee for quality control, hand stitching and patch work, receives daily wage
    • Ali (called Masterjee) – master tailor, sample maker, receives a fixed salary (pre-agreed)
    • Two tailors for sewing product samples
    • Additional women from the neighbourhood


Production sites:

External textile companies:


  • Manufacturer: Indo States Export
  • Location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh
  • Owner: Ravinder and Rekha Jain, son Gaurav
  • Founded in: 1992
  • Products: woven and knit, made of wool, home textiles, clothing made of organic cotton
  • Employees: 2 workshops with 50-100 employees in total
  • Social benefits:
    • Contributions to health insurance ESI (= Employee State Insurance), employer pays 4.75% and employee 1.75% of monthly gross wage
    • Contributions to pension fund PF (= Employees´ Pension Fund): employer and employee each pay  12% of the monthly gross wage
    • All regulations with regards to paid leave are fulfilled
  • Textiles come from companies in Amritsar and Ludhiana
  • Certified by: GOTS (Global Organic Texteile Standard)


  • Manufacturer: AMTEX
  • Location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh
  • Owner: Mohit Gupta
  • Founded in: 2013
  • Products: bags, plaids, clothing, scarves made of silk (from Bihar)
  • Employees: 10-20 employees
  • Social benefits:
    • Contributions to health insurance ESI (= Employee State Insurance), employer pays 4.75% and employee 1.75% of monthly gross wage
    • Contributions to pension fund PF (= Employees´ Pension Fund): employer and employee each pay  12% of the monthly gross wage
    • All regulations with regards to paid leave are fulfilled
  • Certified by: BSCI


  • Exports (100%) to Germany, France and England


  • To continuously secure orders for the external companies
  • To support their own employees with regards to establish a self-employment
  • To preserve the manual processing of natural textiles

Special features

Lila Craft builds a perfect bridge between European customers on the one hand and the Indian manufacturers on the other hand. Lila Craft´s assets: long-time experiences with textile manufacturing techniques in India, excellent knowledge about materials, respectful cooperation with their manufacturing workshops, demands and trends from the customers in oversea.

Quote from Petra Lienau:

“Every member of our company is treated like family. Everyone has different areas of responsibility and is an important part of the company.”

Why does CONTIGO work with Lila Craft: a long-lasting partnership marked by trust and excellent cooperation has developed over the years. Lila Craft is very engaged and has an in-depth understanding of the textile sector.


Fairtrade classification

FTA= Fairtrade Approved


Fairtrade aspects

Lila Craft complies with the following Fairtrade Principles:

No child labour

No discrimination

No discrimination due to gender, disability, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political orientation, or infection with HIVLila Craft12

The small team consists of Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists.

Fair wages

  • Minimum wages in New-Delhi: INR (=Indian )
    • un-skilled workers: INR 13.350/month
    • skilled workers: INR 16.182/month
  • Average wage in the textile sector in the region: tailors earn between INR 12,000- 15,000/month
  • Salaries at Lila Craft:
    • Sultan, CEO assistant: INR 28,000/month, fixed salary
    • Ali (Masterjee), master tailor, INR 25,000- 28,000/month, salary is agreed, depending on order situation
    • Neeli, quality control: INR 500/day, works on daily rate basis, depending on order situation
  • Monthly payment in cash
  • Higher wages in case of overtime (125%)
  • Bonus payment if work is of particularly good quality (one monthly salary)
  • Festival bonus

Humane working conditions

Working hours:Lila Craft13

  • 8.5 hours/day (Monday to Friday: 9.30am – 6pm)
  • 4 breaks (1.5 hours, including lunch and tea breaks, lunch is provided)
  • 6 days/week
  • Muslims receive one hour additional break on Fridays to pray

Social benefits:

  • Medical and hospital bills are paid for employees and the family members
  • Paid holidays (1 month)

Educational opportunities:

  • Long-time employees are financially supported to establish a self-employment
    • Sultan was supported to open a clothing shop which he runs with his wife (Lila Craft helped with the business plan and trainings)
    • Neeli is trained to open her own sewing workshop


  • Payroll is available
  • SAR (Self Assessment Report) was duly submitted to CONTIGO



  • Personal visits in New-Delhi and Noida (2008, 2011, 2014, 2016)
  • Feedback interview during several visits in Germany


Country information

See Encyclopaedia Britannica: India


Visit of Lila Craft at the CONTIGO headquarters

Treffen bei Contigo 2012 Produktentwicklung2 Produktentwicklung1 Produktentwicklung4 Produktentwicklung3

Visiting Lila Craft in Delhi:

Lila_Craft_Team1 Lila_Craft_Naeherin Lila_Craft_Naeher2 Lila_Craft_Naeher1


Author: Janina Lange on 15. January 2018

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