This trade relationship is currently not active.


Profile of CONTIGO´s partner Isaac

Fortaleza to Göttingen (Source: Google Earth)


Hammocks and hammock chairs made out of cotton


Fortaleza, Brazil – distance to Europe: 7,600km

Founded in 1987


  • 1987: production begins as a small, local producer with few machines
  • 1989: first export

Cooperation with CONTIGO since 2002

Structure of the business

Number of employees:

  • 21 employees (10 women and 11 men)
  • 2 part-time employees (both women)

Organisation of workforce:

  • 80% of production carried out at Isaac premises
  • 20% of production is outsourced
  • 2 production locations
  • Meetings with all employees to inform everyone about the development of the company


  • Exports (98%) to Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, and Austria


  • To create jobs with secure incomes for the local community
  • To expand the customer base
  • To offer additional product ranges
  • To continuously improve quality

Special features

Why does CONTIGO work with Isaac: CONTIGO has successfully worked with Isaac for 10 years already. Hammocks are historically an important product in Fairtrade and are particularly important to Fairtrade/world shops.


Fairtrade classification

FTP = Fairtrade in Progress, a visit in Senegal has not taken place as yet.


Fairtrade aspects


Isaac complies with the following Fairtrade Principles:

No child labour

No discrimination

No discrimination due to gender, disability, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political orientation, or infection with HIV

Fair wages

  • Minimum wage in the region/sector: R 566/month (R=Real)
  • Average wage at Isaac: above average
  • Monthly payment of workers in cash
  • Higher wages in case of overtime
  • Bonus for holidays

Humane working conditions

Working hours:

  • 8 hours/day (Monday to Friday: 9am – 5pm; Saturday: 9am – 1pm)
  • 2 breaks (1.25 hours)
  • 6 days/week

Social benefits:

  • Health insurance
  • Pension fund for all employees
  • Parental leave (paid): women receive 4 months, men receive 5 days
  • Additional vacation days in case of death in the family (3 paid days)
  • Continued payment of wage in case of sickness or accident
  • Paid holidays

Educational opportunities:

  • Courses in health and safety are offered each year
  • Discounted courses at SESI (Servicio Social de Indústria)
  • Apprenticeships offered


  • Work contracts are available
  • Payroll is available
  • Pay slips are available
  • SAR (Self Assessment Report) was duly submitted to CONTIGO


Country information

See Encyclopaedia Britannica: Brazil



Author: Janina Lange on 30. September 2018

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